Risk Management

Where does your school stand when it comes to risk?

chalkboard3How prepared are your staff, Board and Leadership Team for risks that could threaten safety, funding and relationships with key stakeholders, and even the future of your school?

Effective risk management in Australian Schools requires:

Risk Framework

The first critical step in addressing risk management at your school is to document a Risk Framework. The Risk Framework will be tailored to your school, taking account of your student numbers, finances and other pertinent issues. The 10-page Framework documents your commitment to the risk management process, including a tailored risk matrix and likelihood and consequence tables.

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Risk Management Workshops

Once a risk framework is in place we can assist you in identifying, analysing, evaluating and treating your risks. This is best done in a workshop with members of your Board and/or Leadership Team, which has the added benefit of qualifying for Personal Development time as your team is trained in Risk Management.

At Risk4Schools, we have successfully conducted risk management workshops in Australian schools, both large and small, in a practical and engaging way. We provide your school Leadership Team and Board with the tools you need to effectively identify and manage risk. Typically this process can be completed in less than one school term.

chk42Our approach includes:

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What Risks?

chk12Common risk topics include:

Once we have a solid understanding of where your institution may be at risk, we draft a 20-30 page report that outlines:

This report can then form the basis of regular Board reporting on the progress of managing individual risks.

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