Risk Management in Australian Schools

Risk for Schools is an Australian consulting firm that helps school leadership teams and Boards identify, assess and manage risk.

Risks are inherent in the school sector, and there is an expectation amongst the Government, parents, staff, students, insurers and the broader community that risks will be managed.

Risk Management is not only good practice. From 1 January 2016 (extention from 1 January 2015 was announced on 27 October 2014) the Federal Government requires school improvement plans to be publicly available.  These should have a strong emphasis on risk management, as part of the National Safe Schools Framework that assists school communities to develop positive and practical student safety and wellbeing policies.

But are risks and threats being addressed properly and effectively at your school?

Competition for students – as well as health, safety, financial and reputation risks – are real issues for school leadership teams and boards.

Sometimes risk management is being addressed in schools – but often not in a structured way and may be limited to Health and Safety, but not Strategic and Operational risks. Schools often rely on board members or staff who may have attended a risk presentation or have done some research, but have limited or no practical risk experience and don’t know how to implement effectively.

Is your Board asking you about risk?

Putting a risk management strategy in place is not as complicated or time-consuming as you might think. We have developed a proven process that delivers a comprehensive and tailored strategy over 2-4 weeks needing only two to three meetings with your team.

Risk Management

At Risk4Schools, we help schools and colleges to identify and manage new and emerging risks.

Step one is to develop a Risk Framework.

If your school is committed to taking action on risk management, we can help. We can assist you with creating a Risk Framework that will set the context and commitment to manage risk. We will tailor a risk matrix, consequence and likelihood table for your school in accordance with the International Standard ISO 31000:2018 - Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

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