"I am delighted to write a testimonial for Risk4Schools. Cardijn College engaged Risk4Schools as it sought a framework and process to manage risks as a College as part of the process of aligning with Marcellin Technical College. Risk management spans much broader than just people to include finance, resources, reputation and much more.

We were delighted with the process which involved the extended senior leadership team of both schools involved in workshops developing a final risk framework. David brought a high level of expertise and ensured that the process and final plan was tailored specifically to the school.

As schools plan to establish a risk framework, I would recommend David Powell from Risk4Schools, a proud sponsor of APCSS.

Paul Rijken, Chair APCSS and Principal, Cardijn and Marcellin Technical Colleges

"In 2010 when Westminster School made the decision to undertake a survey of risk and an analysis of risk management I approached David Powell of Powell and Co Pty Ltd.  I knew that David had carried out risk assessments at other schools and with commercial organisations and he came well recommended. Following work at Westminster and other schools David has since established a new business venture, Risk for Schools.

David’s approach to risk management was engaging for both our School Leadership Team and the School Council.  Whilst David led the process the participants were empowered to take control and build our own detailed risk assessments.  Furthermore, David used electronic responses to obtain instantaneous feedback on high risk categories and the potential likelihood and consequence of each identifiable risk.

We now have a tested and durable risk audit process where we regularly review risk mitigation strategies and the effectiveness of our ability to control these risks.

Risk for Schools has always provided a positive and pleasant service and I will continue to refer them to other schools."

Steve Bousfield
Principal, Westminster School

“In the current environment, Risk Management strategy is critical for all schools.

David assisted us in developing an extremely effective and active Risk Management Plan.  David did this in an easy and simple way, and even our staff enjoyed the process.

We are grateful for his support and outstanding guidance."

Kevin Richardson
Principal, Immanuel College

“David’s affable nature and knowledge brings refreshing simplicity to ‘Risk Management Profiling’ for schools. His inclusive engagement with school leadership and governance ensures full and comprehensive identification of risks, business issues and challenges, and their assessment and management. David’s knowledge of education from a governance perspective brings added value to this process.”

John Proeve
Executive Director, Lutheran Schools Association of SA NT & WA